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The company started in 1989. It was founded as a family business with family members “on the tools” for a lot of the time.

Before that, the MD (me) had worked for another company in the same sector. Sadly it was one of those “splash and dash” companies who flooded the areas with “50% off we are working in your area” type leaflets. The emphasis was on volume of jobs rather than quality.

I decided that there had to be a better way. Now, if a suite takes four hours, then it takes four hours. If a through lounge takes two hours, then that’s how long it takes. Qality is the most important thing nowadays.

This means that we cannot match these low price deals. If you want carpet cleaning at these low prices, then please look elsewhere.

If you want someone who will take their time assessing the job, then choosing the right method and solutions, then please, give us a call.

Offices of BCCB Thomas Street Birmingham, restoration & maintenace of soft furnishings & floor coverings
BCCB-Sparkle ... Please, Get In Touch 🙂

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