Carpet Cleaning Birmingham

Offering all four different cleaning methods to tackle any carpet cleaning situation. Hot water extraction, very low moisture, low moisture and encapsulation.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Birmingham.

Covering all types of commercial, retail and office environments. These can be offices, shops, day nurseries, day care centres, pubs, restaurants. You name it, we have a way to deal with it.

Office carpet Cleaning

Specially designed equipment. Made specifically for cleaning office tiles and carpet (low profile) without over wetting or flooding. If you don’t get this right you can cause all sorts of damage. Most carpets suffer from a lack of proper vacuuming. We start each job with a thorough dry vacuum using one of our purpose built heavy industrial machines. These are not like your normal machines. They are called pile lifters and drive along. They look a bit like a large lawn mower but boy do they get loads of dust and dirt out of your carpets before we even start to do the low moisture, very low moisture or hot water extraction work.

Day care & Nursery Carpet Cleans

Kids crawl on the floor and put their fingers in their mouths. It’s what they do! Your nursery carpets take the brunt of everyday life. Children drop food, they are sick, they walk things in from outside. Carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis with anti-bacterial products to reduce the likelihood of infection.

School Carpets Cleaning

School carpets take a real pasting. The good thing is that there are plenty of holidays that allow for full cleaning without interruption of danger to the children. Areas can be sealed off during these times so that work can be carried out safely without the kids trying to help out.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

There are two main categories of residential / domestic carpet cleaning… “normal” and end of tenancy.

House carpet Cleaning

This is what we call the fine work or top end. Many houses can have soft furnishings such as carpets, rugs and suites worth tens of thousands of pounds. The main objectives are not just to do a fantastic cleaning / restoring job but to make sure nothing gets broken or damaged during the process. Our operatives are trained in common sense! Before you start work in someone’s home you need to have a really good look around and think “right, what could go wrong here. What could get damaged”. We will ask the homeowner to remove any breakables before any work takes place.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

This dare I say it, tends to be the “rougher” end of the market. We are fully aware that in almost every case, the tenant just wants a job that is “good enough” to get their deposit back only. Often they will opt for the cheapest price (which can come back to bite them). Many times, we have been called in to put right this type of “splash and dash job (which often looks far worse after so called cleaning than before. If you are in doubt get someone in who can do the job properly and liaise with the landlord if necessary.

Upholstery Cleaning Birmingham

We do both residential and commercial upholstery cleaning work.

Commercial Upholstery cleaning

Commercial upholstery by definition tends to be heavily soiled. There are also time constraints as most jobs have to be done out of hours (but still dry for opening in a few hours!). A good point is that most (not all) commercial upholstery is designed to be maintained. In other words, the fabrics tend to be hard wearing but made from fabrics that respond well to cleaning. The problem occurs sometimes however when a “trendy” designer installs something totally unsuitable for commercial situations.

Domestic & Residential Furniture Cleaning

Sofa, Settee and three-piece suite cleaning Domestic jobs are normally high-end suites, some costing over ten thousand pounds! We have to undertake extensive testing of the fibres and construction before getting anywhere near the cleaning stage.

Carpet & Fabric Protection Services Birmingham

Application of carpet protector can (in the right circumstances) extend the life of carpets. It can make them look cleaner for longer and make them easier to maintain. This applies to both domestic and commercial carpet protector.

Fabric Protection Birmingham

In both houses and commercial situations. I would recommend it every time in residential situations. You won’t believe how many times I have seen red wine spilled on a newly installed carpet. Areas covered Birmingham, Edgbaston, Great Barr, Perry Barr, Handsworth Wood, Streetly, Harborne, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Shirley, Dickens Heath, Knowle, Aldridge, Moseley, Hall Green, Selly Oak, Kings Norton, Kings Heath, Little Aston, Kingsbury, Lichfield, Marston, Roughley, Short Heath, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Walmley Boldmere, Wylde Green, New Oscott, Walmley, Streetly, Four Oaks, Little Sutton, Mere Green, Coleshill, New Hall, Maney, Whitehouse Common, Bassets Pole Minworth Olton, Solihull, Knowle, Shirley, Sheldon, Yardley, Birmingham

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