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Why Most Office Managers (especially women) get ripped off

Are you looking for office carpet cleaning in Birmingham?

―We’ve found that most of the office or facilities managers are LADIES (so they are immediately looked upon as “fair game” or a “soft touch” …[maybe you’ve had this yourself?] ).

―Most are not technical experts (so are helplessly forced to accept what they are told because they have no-one to give them impartial advice).

―Their opinions were ignored or they were told their questions were irrelevant or silly (even when they raised really important points, often because the salesperson was too scared to answer them honestly!).

―Incredibly, most have been conned; given at best, misleading information and at worst, a complete pack of lies!

―Many then had their carpets left in a worse state after the work than before! To add insult to injury, they couldn’t get the company back to put the job right once money had changed hands.

So remember… there is only one daft question in this world. It’s the one that does not get asked!

If you want to know something (whether you think it is silly or not), please ASK US… Now!

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