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“…Office Managers… What If Some Untrained

 Cowboy… Permanently Wrecks Your Carpets?   …What Then?

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If I said You Could Have Your Office Carpets Cleaned, Deodorised, Stain Blocked And Dry In 47 Minutes… “You probably wouldn’t Believe Me… “But It’s True… Here’s why…

Commercial carpet cleaning in Birmingham- What’s the best way to do it? What do you reccomend?

.. I’m often asked “What is the best system?”

Decades in the carpet restoration and maintenance business tell me there is no such thing. It’s very much “horses for courses”.

Different systems are great for given situations but not for all. Using the wrong one can do load of damage to peoples’ carpets.

That’s why professional carpet cleaning companies have several ways of carrying out the restoration work….

And it’s knowing which one to use is

what separates the men from the boys…  

For example, a greasy pub carpet needs totally different treatment to a “sahara-dry” computer server room.

Low profile carpets & office floor tiles like yours need something else (see the video below).

We are independently owned – not a franchise, so can use the best one for each job. We’ve got 4 (yes, four) different methods to clean your carpets!

So what does that mean for you?…

If you have commercial carpet that needs cleaning in Birmingham you’ll get the best job humanly possible.

So… because we can choose our method to get the best result. You’ll have a cleaner office.

Office Carpet Cleaning – a different approach

Look at these before and after shots.

 Cleaning of office tiles, Birmingham rug cleaning birmingham's carpet cleaning rug domestic definitely end steam professional
Offices carpet tiles after treatment
The system I’m taking about here was designed SPECIFICALLY for low profile office carpets and tiles…. just like yours. It really does clean, deodourise, stain block and dry your carpets (usually dry in about 47 minutes)
Picture of boardroom tiles before we had restored them.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Birmingham (after).
Picture of boardroom carpet after we had restored it.
Another picture of the restored boardroom. cleaning 18 cleaner, rug, also areas carpet cleaners birmingham - carpet cleaning birmingham, carpetcleaner

This is vital. If they are not done right, you’ll get sodden carpets, vile smells and most probably, a wrecked computer system (the damp will eat your IT system alive ― from the inside out!).

Cleaning and Restoring Heavily Soiled Office Floor Tiles.

Take a look at this video. it’s how to clean an office carpet It’s from an office where a pipe burst in the roof and brought the ceiling down on to the carpet tiles. The dirty brown stain was left when it dried out.

You’ll watch it disappear before your eyes.

YouTube video

Then… After you’ve watched the video… Click on these links and I’ll show you how your carpets will look and smell fantastic. Click on   houses , carpet cleaning in day nurseries, commercial restoration work or sofa, chair, settee & upholstery cleaning.

Also…..I’ll show you why most office managers (particularly women) get ripped off!…

Once in a blue moon, things don’t go to plan

Birmingham’s carpet cleaning & rug cleaning companies need good insurance for carpet cleaning work. 

That is why the full cover insurance premiums are so high and why we are so careful.

We have not had a claim in maybe the last twenty two years but we still need to have the cover. We work on soft furnishings and upholstery that costs tens of thousands of pounds. 

The idea is that we walk out of your place with your carpets looking great whilst not wrecking the joint in the process.

Carpets will be clean and fresh. Here’s where we carry out work…..Commercial, Domestic, Professional, Residential. Safe, Eco – Friendly.  West Midlands & Warwickshire.  Acocks Green, Aston, Atherstone, Bickenhill, Birmingham, Castle Bromwich, Coleshill, Coventry, Curdworth, Elmdon, Furnace End, Kingsbury, Lichfield, Minworth, Nuneaton, Shawbury, Shirley, Shustoke, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth residential and commercial. All work carried out to standards

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One of the major factors in cleaning is getting the identification of the fibres right.  Testing is paramount, as recomended by and


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Our cleaners go deeper and work harder than a regular vacuum or store-bought cleaner to provide carpets that are genuinely dirt-free, odor-free, and properly sanitised.

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Our carpet cleaners have a reputation in Birmingham for offering high-quality cleaning services, having supplied exceptional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services to both home and business customers for many years. Carpeting naturally traps stubborn dirt, grease, stains, allergies, germs, and bacteria that are difficult to remove with traditional cleaning procedures as it ages. We realise that you are worried about the environment, so don’t worry; our carpet cleaners exclusively use ecologically friendly cleaning chemicals.

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